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Not Another Teen Statistic

My mission is to bring forth clarity in a confusing world and to empower teenagers to discover their God-given identity. I want them to know they are not just another face in the crowd. They were created on purpose and for purpose and together we are going to crush the following statistics*:

  • 95% of teens have felt inferior at some point in their lives.  When asked why they have felt inferior, students selected their top three conditions, appearance, ability, and intelligence.
  • 37% do not fully know their identity or purpose yet.
  • Depression and Anxiety ranked #1 and #2 respectively as the most suffered mental illness by teens.
  • 51% of teens are afraid of talking to their parents about personal problems. 
  • 40% of teens are afraid of peer pressure or not fitting in with people at school.
  • 65% of teens are afraid of gaining weight.
  • 44% of teens skip meals as a tactic to losing or controlling weight.
  • 91% of teens have been a victim of bullying.
  • 28% of U.S. high school students who reported falling asleep in school at least once a week due to not getting the recommended nine hours of sleep per night (only 20% of teens said they get nine hours of sleep a night). 

*As published by Teen Trend Report, 2014.

Trailblazing the Solution

Trailblazing Your Teen Years is not just another self-help book. It’s uniquely written by a teen to a teen. I come alongside my readers as a friend and mentor, sharing with them personal stories of successes and failures.

As I open up about struggling with my insecurities, including video game addiction and an eating disorder, they learn right away I hold nothing back. I’ve learned how to fight the cultural norms and overcome the peer pressures to fit into society’s mold. I’ve learned to be comfortable with taking a stand for my Christian faith, even if it means standing alone.

It’s this God-confidence I instill in my readers, encouraging them to rise into their authentic selves and to define what success looks like to them specifically. I teach them how to set attainable goals and establish healthy habits that will help them fulfill their God-given purpose. And, as their mentor, I pass the torch for them to carry. And I pray that it spreads like wildfire.

Trailblazing Your Teen Years is divided into 3 parts:

  2. LEAD
  3. LAND

Topics covered include:

  • Training to Be Disciplined
  • Winning the Mind Game
  • Taking a Leap of Faith
  • Setting Priorities
  • Managing Time
  • Handling Addiction
  • Dodging the Comparison Trap
  • Finding Godly Influences
  • Facing Failure
  • Escaping the Comfort Zone
  • Living Productive

I’m honored by your interest in an interview and I’m here to serve you, not the other way around. I’ve created this online media room to make your job easier. If you need anything else, please email me:

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